Continuous Light

"Working with Vek was phenomenal, inspiring and comfort bending. It offered a lot more than I could have expected, it lead to new self discovery. So much beauty was found in this shoot. Beauty that lies beyond the art that was created but in the lessons learned and growth gained. One doesn’t often, if at all think that partaking in anothers' creative exercise will lead to further self discovery, but working with Vek did just that. I’m honored for the experience and to work with someone who offered so much of themselves via the stories shared, the laughs, and leadership. What was created is beyond what I could have imagined and allows for a new evolved self reflection. Seeing myself though his creative lens leaves me to say that Vek creates wonders. His work has the ability to bring out the beauty in ways not previously seen in oneself. His down to earth professionalism and vibrant energy allowed me to be captured in a new light. I predict that his work will shine bright, touch hearts and be used exactly as he desires it to be and beyond. His art is limitless. He is a visual genius. "


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