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With over two decades of experience and creating countless pieces of art, Vek Neal is a highly creative thought leader & professional contemporary photo artist. Based in Atlanta, GA he is recognized for his expressive portraits in a unique environment, with his self-taught techniques to lighting. Both Neals posed and candid portraits aim depict the vulnerability and complexity of the personalities and emotions of his subjects.

As a child as early as six years old, Vek Neal started creating art to pass time in the small rural town of Blythe, Georgia. Captivated by paintings of Andrew Wyeth, realist painter, Neal would start to draw the people featured on his mother’s magazine covers. What appealed to Neal the most was the life-like and humanistic attributes of Wyeth’s work. Vek draws a relation by seeing people from his hometown and old acquaintances in the paintings honing in on the eyes, skin texture, and natural flow of hair.

Vek Neal is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. Before SCAD he was enrolled in one of the top-rated schools in Georgia, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School located in Augusta. While attending school, he cultivated his skills in graphic design, photo editing, and the visual arts. He excelled in his education receiving the John S. Davidson Fine Arts Principal’s Scholarship to continue his education at Savannah College of Art & Design were he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

His work is in both public and private collections and has been housed in several art galleries and exhibits including the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs Elevate ATL, PROPAGANDA at Facet Gallery by Soapgoods Creative, and the A3C Festival. (

He continues to master the abilities in portraiture and other aspects of art. He would tell you that he is a simple man because if he is surrounded by art and creating each day, he is unapologetically happy. He would one day like to step into creative art direction and consulting. Until then, he aspires to push his art in challenging new directions and most of all inspire people.

Art Features

2018 VEKKING Book release at Peters Street Station
2018, 2017, 2014 Cover Art design for Sean Fahie's "Chocolate Cover Honey Buns", "Things About Women" and Letters to Lovers Who Love To Hate Me"
2018 Cover Art graphic design for Vanessa Huang and UpSet Press "Quiet of Chorus" book of poems
2018, 2017 Artwork feature at Carroll Street Cafe
2018 Video Edited and Co Direction with Charles Edward Williams "Untitled (son)"
2018 Mercedes Benz in Lenox Mall Retail Popup Store - Art Mirror featured
2018, 2016 Jack Daniel's Art Beats + Lyrics Traveling Exhibition
2017 Little Black Book Art and Music Event at Sound Table Curated Valentines day Installation
2017 Uneasy Art Exhibition at Parlor House Gallery
2017 One Music Fest featured Artist in Artist Village Gallery Tent
2017 Public Art for SOS (Signs of Solidarity ATL) in Atlanta
2017 shot and directed Jack Preston's Music video "Future's End"
2016 Asiya Khasnutdinova's 15-Minute Vacay Workouts - Fitness Photography book I captured all the photos
2016 Facet Gallery Propaganda Exhibition
2016 Extension Exhibition at Studio N0. 7 - A Collaborative Art Exhibition with Mary-Kestin Hassiots
2015 Portrait feature on AfroPunk's web gallery
2015 UNDO Magazine & Web - Portrait of Myrna Photoshoot spread
2015 Atlanta Renaissance Exhibition at City of Ink Gallery
2015 Unposed Solo Exhibition Sponsored by Dos Equis and Czarnowski at Studion No. 7
2015 City of Atlanta, Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs / Elevate 2015 Artist - shipping container made gallery in the heart of downtown

Awards / Accolades

2018 Finalist for Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta in the field of Photography
2018 NPR City Lights - book interview
2018 Vekking Book Release with Lulu Publishing
2018 Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society: Two of Atlanta's breakthrough artist (Bosco and Frko) in commercial
2018 Upworthy Collaboration with State Farm Commercial featuring Emman "Small Eyez" Twe
2017 The Bench show with fellow artist Sean Fahie, George Gomez, Gavin Bernard
2016 Digital Good Times Podcast episode 61 Interview
2015 The Artifact episode 5 on ablradio - interview with Lourdes Sukari
2015 A part of a short film by Artemus Jenkins and Christmas in July Productions "If You Know The Words"
2016 The Influencers Present: How to be a Creative ... Dealing with Depression - interview
2015 The Influencers Present on ablradio - Interview about my art
2015 OpenTV Presents Rashayla Marie Brown's "Reality Is Not Good Enough" - camera 2 video and commentary in show
2015 GSU TV interview feature speaking about Elevate and my art
2014 ABLradio, arts + crafts interview