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Known for his ethereal neon portrait shots, Atlanta-based artist Vek Neal is publishing his first book of photography titled “Vekking” just in time for his birthday. Producer Myke Johns spoke with Neal about his project, his work and how Cabbagetown, where Neal lives, has influenced his art.

IT'S SUMMER SESSION! This week, we sit down with Vek Neal. We discuss his photo process, work schedule, and travel. Instagram @StudioNoizePodcast @Vekking @VekNeal @JBarberStudio @Negress.Supreme

Music and Video by Dj100k
Hosted by Sean Fahie for AB+L Radio

“The Influencers” is a bi-weekly Thursday night event hosted by Sean Fahie, with music provided by Dj 100k. It highlights and celebrates a local brand whom may fly under the radar but who’s work has a consistent presence and impact among their peers.

An Upworthy Collaboration with State Farm highlighting Emman “Small Eyez” Twe. Twe loves music, but an obstacle has gotten in the way of him playing traditional instruments — he only has one arm >>>


As an extension of The Artifact Collective, The Artifact Radio, hosted by Lourdes Sukari, features underground musicians & producers while spotlighting independent visual artists from around the globe.

Tune in Wednesdays at 5p EST and Fridays at 1p EST on

Honing in on happiness, dualities, the plight of the artist vs the graphic designer. Always on deck the squad be. Always! #DGT is Back with Vek Neal and Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis to discuss their recent exhibition “Extension” and flow from the #survivalscrolls on the power of collaboration. #CollaborativeArt

ATLANTA! Check out Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society: Two of Atlanta’s breakthrough artists, Bosco and FRKO, let us into their worlds. Discover why this creative community is the ideal space for self-expression.

Open TV Presents – Reality Is Not Good Enough

An emerging filmmaker tries to make a film subverting racial and gender stereotypes about reality television using her family as a subject. Instead, she ends up questioning her relationships, the stability of her mother to withstand the project, and the challenges of independent filmmaking in general.

// CREW //

Rashayla Marie Brown // Director and Camera 1
Vek Neal // Camera 2
Elizah Turner // Camera 3
Bailey Brown // Camera 4
Ashley Thompson // Editor

// CAST //

Rashayla Marie Brown // Director
Ann-Marie Hammond // Mother
Abrina Marie Matthews // Sister
Angell Marie Williams // Sister
Bailey Marie Brown // Niece

As creative people; We all go through it. So let’s talk about it together. Join @seanfahie , and #influenceralum @vekneal as they discuss how to deal with the down days. Plus, there’s s couple of feel good mixes from @100ksounds in between to lighten the mood! We’ll see you there. Only on @ablradio !

Bench Talk Ep. 1 ( EXCERPT ) : George, Gavin, Vek, and Sean : Live at 9to5

The bench boys do their thing while the booth boys try to figure out the best way to show a picture of a bench on a livestream.

//// 9to5 : the world’s first interactive livestream exhibition invites you to join our work in progress. From Sep 8th to Oct 6th, we will be streaming virtual worlds, coding workshops, craft shows, space junk, meme tutorials, and much more, all impacted by your input. Watch live all month long : – Watch live at

Hosted annually by City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, ELEVATE is an event that exhibits large scale public artwork and offers performance, educational opportunities and cultural experiences free to the public with the mission of instigating positive urban growth.