I am still trying to figure out if unselected photographs should circulate (even if it’s just for the model to share with their family and friends).

Things I’ve considered:

EDITING. What an overwhelming and time consuming process. For example, for my Phoenix Rising series I have 60 strangers modeling. that’s over 600+ snapshots, depending on the shoot session.

VALUE. Sharing the unselected photos would bring down the value of the individual selected print. When it comes to photography, the print run value is vital for determining the value.

EXCLUSION. I would not be involved in the conversation/presentation of the unselected photos. Unlike the individual selected prints, the model makes 20% from the framed art.

SERVICE. This being a passion project for my contemporary artistry – the releasing of the unselected photos would be a commercial service. A client would compensate for the rights to have the finals and raw content. Normally the models I select are not clients but but participants in the artistry – like a muse posing for a painting to go in a gallery.

PROTECT YOUR MAGIC. The ability to transform a picture into something interesting – a photo – is a skill. Not everyone has that skill. We as artist need to not be so quick to give everything away when it’s not beneficial or mutual to the skill, time and intent we’ve cultivated.

If I choose to archive the unreleased, I hope the participants in the artistry understand my reasoning behind it. As an Artist, my aim is to educate and empower people well and do everything I can to make sure they have a great experience without compromising my professionalism.

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