BIRDBOX - A Film Review

I have mix feelings on what they tried to do in the Netflix’s film BIRDBOX. There were moments where I felt like they drew out or over romanticized things, one being her relationship with Tom. I get why… it was her escape, the only thing that got her to feel/love again, but I’ll get into that later…

Why it’s a mix bag for me is because they had a mix bag of actors. It was like watching a family basketball game between the older and younger kids. the various seasoned and non seasoned performances stood out. Also, not enough character development for the monsters outside – we just going to trust Lil Rel, some wind and illustrations on a table. Come on now!

Besides obvious plot holes – the time that passes and folks seeking shelter in that one home. Did they have a Krispy Kreme neon HOT light out front?!

I think it just wasn’t enough of a mesh to what the real monster in the story was.

The real monster of the story was her trauma. I personally think this story address the disconnect some women have with not feeling love for their children…that post depression after having a child or feeling forced into motherhood and loosing your identity.

I think that trauma was what the writer was wanting to express while the monsters/house mates were the b-team to assist her with loving again.

I would of liked the film better if the monsters outside addressed that trauma. Using their power, the voice to tell her to abandon her kids because she secretly didn’t love them, or to give up because she ain’t shit (things she would be saying in her own head). That’s what was missing for me in this film, the tie-in of her monster with the monsters outside.

I think the monsters outside brought out sadness, disappointment and regret in each person that could still feel it. It would of been great to see her confront those traumas as an individual…instead of using them to fuss at the kids in the film. She demanded them to be strong when really she was the weak one..something folks do, to hide their own pain.

It’s a mix bag because I see the possibilities of what this film could of been. Below is what I think the monster should of been revealed as:

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