What is Little Black Book?
Since the beginning of time, when early man first banged two rocks together to create rhythm, songs have been written about our number one object of desire and adoration: Woman.
Our better halves. Our nurturers.
Our exes and lovers, creators and destroyers.
A woman has so much power over a man’s heart that the mere location of her contact information becomes a prized keepsake: a Little Black Book. A talisman of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future held within, filled with infinite possibilities.
This Valentine’s day, we recognize and celebrate this power by highlighting classic songs named after women!
These are songs of love. Songs of heartbreak. Songs of aspiration, of unattainability. Of mystical control over one’s entire being.
With over 12 hours of muses to choose from, this will be an extra special collection of tunes from all genres, blended together by your DJ and selector Mr. Mind.
In addition to this unique DJ experience, artist and photographer Vek Neal has created a new body of work inspired by the lyrics of these special songs.

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