Atlanta based artist Vek Neal transforms an intimate twenty-foot container into an immersive exhibition space that features larger than life light-installated photography. The space – titled ELEVEK – which accommodates about ten people at a time, is set up in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The installation is both a gallery and an interactive designed to inspire people of all ages who are curious about the power of photography as means of communicative art.

Hosted annually by City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, ELEVATE is an event that exhibits large scale public artwork and offers performance, educational opportunities and cultural experiences free to the public with the mission of instigating positive urban growth.

The goal of the this year’s event will be to generate a heightened sense of pride in the city of Atlanta and what it offers to the nation and the world. Operating under the theme F(orever) I L(ove) A(tl) – F.I.L.A., a 9-day celebration of what makes Atlanta unique and special through visual art, performances and events that showcase Atlanta – past, present and future. The curator for ELEVATE 2015 is visual/performing artist and scholar Fahamu Pecou.


I love the Atlanta yoga and wellness scene!

There is a place for everyone. I practice and have create a space for others to practice in low access areas. A heightened and robust wellness culture exists in communities that people consider to be low access. I know because I live there.
I have been fortunate to find yoga instructors that are about more that just the physical practice, but embody the true spirit of yoga.

  • Jamila


“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.” – Frank L. Baum

In the city limits of Atlanta I was born, raised, lost and then born again emerging with a new love and appreciation for the city I am proud to call my home. When something or someone shapes you so greatly or inspires you to become your greater self and achieve your greatest dreams, all you can say is “thank you” & promise to carry the torch to the next generation. So, thank you Atlanta.

  • Speakerfoxxx


Why is Atlanta so special to me you ask?

Because being in Atlanta has given me the opportunities that I’ve needed thus far to be relevant and well respected in the music community, enabling me to realistically pursue my career as a professional musician. Music is and always will be my passion and purpose in life.

  • Clarence

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